Our Mission

Our goal is to help military couples who are struggling with their relationships find effective tools and resources to improve their communication and regain intimacy and trust.

This program is made available for free to active-duty, Guard, and reserve couples up to 365 days after separation or retirement through a contract with the Defense Department’s Military OneSource program. You can find out more about this contract on our FAQ page.


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OurRelationship® Developers include:

  • Dr. Andrew Christensen
    Distinguished Professor of Psychology
    University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
  • Dr. Brian Doss
    Professor of Psychology
    University of Miami

Evidence it Works

We have tested the OurRelationship program in five nationwide studies involving thousands of couples, including military couples.

Couples consistently report significant gains in:

  • Relationship satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Emotional support and trust
  • Commitment to the relationship

Because people’s relationships improve, they also experience decreases in:

  • Depressive symptoms
  • Anxious symptoms
  • Insomnia
  • Co-parenting conflict

For more information on the effects of the OurRelationship program, visit Dr. Doss’ research lab’s website at the University of Miami.


Along with our developers and coaches, we also have a wonderful support staff who helps to coordinate and run our research study.

Our staff members include:

  • Katherine Aparicio
    Project Coordinator
  • Rebecca Dominguez
    Participant Coordinator
  • Sean Meadows, B.S.
    Database Technician
  • Elias Lopez, B.A.
    Digital Marketing
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