How to Present the OurRelationship Program to Your Partner

If bringing up the OurRelationship program to your partner feels overwhelming, you can use the email template below to email your partner.

An Email Template You Can Use

(Replace red text with what makes sense for your relationship. And change the wording so it sounds like you wrote it!)

Subject: Will you do this program with me?

Our relationship – and our family – mean a lot to me. We’ve had so many good times together and there are many things I love about you. But it also seems like we’ve been [arguing more / talking less / drifting apart / not able to really trust each other] recently. And I’d like to get back to how we used to be.

So, I’m hoping you’ll do the OurRelationship program with me. It’s an online program that’s designed specifically for couples in the military. It will help us work on whatever issues we pick. And we can do it from home. If we want, we can also have a few calls with a coach – and they have lots of times that will work for us. [I know you might not want to talk to a stranger about our issues but they’re only 20-minute calls and they’re just designed to keep us on track – the website says they’re definitely not therapy.]

Will you please look at the program’s website soon? It’s

I love you. So, please – let’s do this together. It would mean so much to me. And I think you’d end up liking it too.

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