Getting Your Partner to Join the Program Helpful Emails We Can Send to Your Partner

Below you can see the text of the emails we’ll send your partner if you provide their email address. Click on the hyperlinks below to view each message.

  1. First Email

    Hi ,

    Your partner is interested in doing the OurRelationship program with you. It’s an online program – tailored for active-duty, reserve, and Guard couples – that will help the two of you strengthen your relationship.

    This free online program includes online activities that will help the two of you improve communication, feel more intimate with each other, and help you cope with stress as a team. 94% of couples are satisfied with our services and 97% would recommend them to a friend.

    If you want, you can also sign up for optional weekly 20-minute calls with a coach. You can do these calls during the day, evening, or weekend from wherever you have an internet connection.

    You can find out more information about the program at: https://military.ourrelationship.com/

    Your partner really cares for you and wants to strengthen your relationship. So, please make a plan together to sign up for this free program today.

  2. Second Email

    Did you know that almost half of marriages end in divorce? And about one third of couples who are currently together report being fairly unhappy in their relationship?

    Your partner would like to do the OurRelationship program with you to strengthen your relationship. If you’re happy in your relationship right now, the program can help you develop skills and a deeper understanding to prevent future problems.

    If you’re currently unhappy, the program is proven effective in substantially improving unhappy relationships. It works for couples who are arguing a lot, trying to rebuild trust, and those who have just drifted apart.

    However, we know that making the decision to improve your relationship can be tough. That’s why we designed the OurRelationship program – to reduce the barriers to typical relationship services. You can find out more at https://military.ourrelationship.com/

    The ball is in your court. Your partner has already decided they want to do this program with you. So, please talk with Your partner today!

  3. Third Email

    Hi ,
    Your partner cares a lot about you and the life you’ve built together.

    That’s why it’s time for the two of you to take a step towards building a stronger relationship together.

    The OurRelationship program is designed to help both of you develop a deeper understanding of each other. It will help you both express your opinions and work together to make a plan for specific change – all in a way that will keep the two of you from fighting.

    You can tailor the program to whatever issue you want to work on. You can even decide whether you want to do it on your own (with just your partner) or have weekly brief calls with a coach – many of whom have military experience themselves.

    It’s free. It’s convenient. And it works.

    Talk with Your partner today to make a plan.

    Then sign up at https://military.ourrelationship.com/

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